An ingenious blogger has evaluated all of the presidential candidates against all the criteria developed in Fathful Citizenship, and guess what---

Ron Paul and Alan Keyes scored highest.


I've been entertaining the notion of Ron Paul. He seemed a bit quirky at first, what with the whole IRS thing. But then I read his thoughtful essays and saw him in debate, and he's very upfront. At least there's no duplicity. And American Papist is a fan because of Paul's socio-moral conservatism, and I respect Thom's learned opinion.

I will always hold a special candle for Alan Keyes, but he doesn't have nearly the support Paul is getting. If Paul doesn't get the Republican nomination, I will write in Keyes. But if there's a chance that a pro-life candidate can get on the ballot, then Paul will win my vote. I'd rather elect a pro-life candidate than write one in.

I'm feeling very self-satisfied that I've picked the top 2 most Catholic contenders, though.
Here is an open letter to Catholics on why they can confidently vote for Ron Paul. Apparently Ron Paul is also for John Paul. Hmm...sounding better and better...

What I'd love to see is another debate. Alan Keyes and Ron Paul were so very impressive. Everyone else is a panderer by comparison.

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