Give thanks for music today

Today's national holiday coincides with the Feast of St. Cecilia, which also happens to be the day my Beloved was born. I sing her praises!

I have found a few fascinating articles about sacred music lately, and now seems like the perfect opportunity to post them here.

First, CERC has this article about Gregorian chant making a comeback. I've not seen anything to suggest that it is making a comeback, but I was delighted to learn the mass parts in Latin thanks to my time at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy. I think if more parishes simply did the mass parts in Latin it would be a good thing. So hallowed.

Then I found this thoughtful cant at Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex.

Likewise, Catholic Pillow Fight gets in the discussion here.

Sandro Magister back in October described the changing of the guard for Papal liturgies. Perhaps this is the 'comeback' mentioned above?

Clayton at Weight of Glory also pipes in.

Mozart was quite profane, but his music has inspired countless people, including our Holy Father. Here's an interesting article on the subject.

Finally, Catholic Culture has a slew of websites and resources pertinent to the day. Significantly, it suggests we read about the Church's very very very consistent teaching that liturgical music should be Gregorian/polyphony. For starters, read the lyrically titled Tra le sollecitudini, a motu proprio from this day in 1903.

I can't disagree that chant communicates the Divine, especially in the blend of voices into one. Yet I am surrounded by parishes that use Gather and have been using Gather for decades. I just don't see this coming down the pipe anytime soon.

Pray that sacred music will be restored. Saint Cecilia, teach us to sing~

p.s. If you want to purchase sacred music, this blog points the way.

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