Bonus from God

There was such an unexpected blessing at daily mass this morning, I had to share.

Just as the priest was about to pronounce the final blessing, a ringing bell was heard in the back: St. Nicholas had arrived! and he was bringing a basket full of fruit snacks for everyone :)

He had on his mitre, and his crosier was decked with mistletoe, and he came to the front and read a message from Jesus, that we are to be salt and light. It was so great! And then all the altar boys distributed the fruit snacks to everyone. It really was full for a weekday mass. I was just beaming, because St.Nicholas reminded all the children that what's most important is not whether they have toys or candy, but that they store up treasure in heaven by the love they show their siblings and their parents.

I needed to hear that as much as the children, and so I praise God! Alleluia~

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