MLK & RoevWade

How fitting that these two memorials should concur.

It is a well-established fact that the planned parenthood movement is an outgrowth of the eugenics movement, which maintained that the solution to socioeconomic woes is the reduction of the number of black people in the country (and world). The champions of eugenics as a domestic policy became the founders of organizations that promoted contraception in the slums and established what would eventually become Planned Parenthood, who continue to promote global sterility and perpetuate the falsehood that the world is going to suffer an overpopulation crisis.

What they mean to say is that the world will suffer a crisis of too many poor (read: "black") people. One less mouth to feed has become their unabashed motto.

MLK fought to secure civil rights for black people. But black people will never appreciate true civil rights until all black people have these rights secured. In his memory, pray to end abortion, the number one cause of death in the black community.

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