Oh the humanity

At the Diary of a Former Atheist, Jennifer explains how she became pro-life.

She is the second person to reference antiquity's practice of disposing unwanted children: they would leave them for the wolves and carrion to eat. Roman fathers who did not want a girl or a child with birth defects would shun the baby, and the mother would leave it in a field to die.

Christians used to rescue these orphans and raise them.

Had those Roman mothers known the benefits of modern technology, they would never have had to carry the child to term. They could have had it crushed and extracted instead of resorting to infanticide. They would not be beholden to a man to make this decision for them. They could choose to dispose of their child for a small fee.

How do Christians rescue the children who will be unable to implant in their mother's uterus because the pill has removed the fertile lining? Children flushed down toilets with yesterday's feces?

Those children we entrust to Mary. Heaven help them~

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Jennifer F. said...

Wow, touching post. Thank you for the link.

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