The Pauline Jubilee

CERC shares six themes to reflect upon in celebration of the 13th Apostle.

The USCCB has some useful links, but I'm not too impressed with their showing, considering the magnitude of the event. I'm trying to find a pilgrimage site in Michigan, and I've become quite jealous of the flock in Denver, who get the Chaput treatment. If more Bishops had an eighth of what he gives, this would be a better nation. But I digress...

Whispers is keeping tabs as usual. I especially like the idea of reading Ad gentes divinitus and watching Chariots of Fire for its commentary on Galatians. I've never seen that movie, and now it's the right moment.

Amy introduced me to this link, which I'm pleased to explore, among a deluge of other links. I think she's excited too. And she agrees with me that the USCCB has failed: "Oh, I should mention that the USCCB’s Year of St. Paul site is paltry and negligible. And should be an embarrassment. Not even linked on the front page yet. Given that one of the primary justifications of the existence of a national bishops’ conference is to bring what the universal Church is doing into the local context, you’d think they’d do more. You’d hope. In vain, perhaps."

Plus-- in all my searching I found something for my Christmas wishlist:Finally- to end in prayer this Eve of Jubilee, let us turn to Abbot Joseph:
"If we look to Peter to learn something about the ecclesiology of the Church of Christ, we must look to Paul to learn about the life of daily faithfulness to Christ, how to live and die for Him, how to endure sufferings joyfully and how to grow in grace so that we finally reach that much-desired state in which we can say at last: I live now, not I, but Christ lives in me.

As we continue to celebrate this feast, let us pray not only for the unity of the Churches but for our own deeper union with Christ through prayer and the sacraments, through charity and mercy and taking up our crosses without complaint. Thus we will ultimately find ourselves in that eternally blissful state in which we are one in Christ, and in which He and the Father and the Spirit are one, in the Kingdom of Heaven."

The embrace of Peter and Paul seems truly to have happened again in today's much-photographed celebration at the Basilica Outside-the-Walls.

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