Happy Fourth of July!!!

I've found some interesting reflections about the state of our nation. We celebrate the freedoms that are our birthright as American citizens, yet we deplore the way those freedoms are exercised towards the demise of human dignity.

I ponder these posts in light of the social commentary that is Pixar's latest hit, WALL-E. We like to believe that Americans could muster the integrity to do what is just, but so often it only seems like a promise. God has shown us the way, but we have to make the effort, contrary to our baser instincts and the prevailing culture.

Let's consider the word Justice, from the Latin "jus-", meaning "upright" or "lawful". Something is right not because it's enshrined as a law. Something is enshrined into law because we know innately that it is right. We are very much dissolving our sense of Right and Wrong because of competing definitions and subjective interpretations of what is actually to be defined as "wrong" or "illegal". Yet we're still capable of pointing fingers, so we're all endowed with a sense that these definitions exist. We know and have seen in ourselves and in others Wrongdoing.

Let's today celebrate the many opportunities we have as Americans to do what is RIGHT, what is JUST.

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