Invaded by Joy

"I’m still on a high myself after having had lunch with the Holy Father and Cardinal Pell. The Pope is a most charming man. I was impressed by his energy during our walk in the garden. He was asking about Australia and the events of the week. He is very well informed about our country. We’ve been invaded by joy. People recall the Olympics, but we’ve never had so many young people filled with the love of Jesus Christ."
-Bishop Fisher, chief organizer of WYD SYD 08

That's certainly true. My Beloved is there Down Under, making her pilgrimage. May the Lord send His angels to watch over her. Just her presence alone in that country would be more JOY than they customarily observe, so multiply her by a million, and -phew!- you've indeed an invasion :)

We're hoping to receive the Indulgence together, hers plenary and mine partial.

I'll be checking in with EWTN as often as possible for their live coverage, but here's a linkfest, some of which feature reports from the ground:

Amy never fails.

The Australian has a slideshow of exhilarating photographs.

Whispers combines the two.

Dr. Tracey Rowland, a young theologian from Melbourne, explains why Papa Benny holds such appeal for this generation.

Perhaps one explanation is that he communicates to this generation through media they use and understand. Xt3 is a social networking site, much like MySpace. And for those who text, he sent this message: "Young friend, God & his people expect much from u, because u have within u the Father’s supreme gift: the Spirit of Jesus – BXVI"

Dude, that's one supreme Pontiff.

He doesn't exactly strike me as someone who is out-of-touch with today's youth, contrary to popular press in Australia. I won't bother linking to any of their jaded tripe, but it sounds like this invasion couldn't have come at a better time. Pour forth, we beseech thee~

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