taking our attention away from the Supreme Court means we will have pro-choice Justices for the next 30 years. One election does matter consequentially for millions of children. Thanks alot, Doug:

The campaign staff enlisted Doug Kmiec, a Catholic adviser to Mitt Romney's campaign, and former Reagan White House aide, who threw his support behind Mr. Obama because of his opposition to other "life issues" such as the war and lack of health care. "People realized for the first time that there was an alternative way to promote the culture of life and how much they were missing in their faith tradition when they focused on the Supreme Court," Mr. Kmiec said.

He simply helped the Catholic Democrats feel okay about ignoring abortion.

I hope the Bishops figure out how to undo this damage.

I can't wait until the Baby-boomers stop behaving like adolescents and start acting like Catholics. I don't care what the nuns did to you in grade school, you obviously deserved it!

Lord, how long will we have to suffer this generation?

(not very, say the citizens of Washington and Oregon)

I suppose the problem is that many of the Bishops were as much products of their environment as the rest of their peers. They rebel against their own authority.

Please, please, would somebody deliver a spanking!

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