Via Amy, I found Patrick the Paragraph Farmer who wrote this:

Biologists and astronomers point out that our whole solar system seems uniquely structured to protect Earth and help people learn about the nature of the cosmos. One visitor to Jennifer's blog raised the stakes even higher by remarking that in order for us to exist, the whole universe has to be the size that it is, because "If it were smaller it would blow apart before having time to create the second-generation stars that we need to be the sun for us, [and] if it were bigger it would have collapsed into a black hole before becoming big enough for us." As intriguing as such observations are, they go no further than science itself can.

I've often marveled at how the lanterns in the sky seem to have been placed there simply so we can marvel at them. It's entirely possible that all that activity of expanding and contracting not only made the conditions for our Milky Way, but then the conditions for a water-based planet, and then the conditions for primates, and then the conditions for one species to look up at the night sky and find out how much they matter in the grand scheme of things. If there weren't space, there wouldn't be a night sky. If there weren't stars, there wouldn't be navigation aids at night. We make the rest of it sensible. Our ability to make sense of things itself demonstrates how we are in the likeness of God.

Once you can accept that, it's only a short road to transubstantation. [sigh]...

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