Rounding up the Day After

Fr. Jay states the obvious: We'll have a President named "Barack". It's not exactly the most popular name you've ever heard. But let's look at the bigger picture: When it comes to Presidents, we've had a Millard, a Ulysses, a Rutherford, a Chester, a Grover (he was so nice they elected him twice), a Woodrow, a Calvin, a Herbert, a Dwight, and a Lyndon. Life goes on. We'll adapt.

For those in the throes of defeat, ready to fight like a Maccabee, it helps to note the silver lining: "A look back at the history of Christianity helps put these times in perspective, and can instill hope in those who see only darkness. The Church has persevered in the face of intense persecution and governments that hunted down Christians in order to put them to death. We have not yet reached that point. " Or engage in wishful thinking: "If he is sufficiently ruthless in his opportunism, he could decide to govern as a centrist, casting aside the left-wing supporters who brought him as far as he is today."

Jen at Et Tu captures such an honest sentiment, I don't even know what to say about it. So true. So true. So very awfully true.

Which brings us here:

But there were also the painful ironies of the night. The first black President – who is radically pro-abortion, when the black community is disproportionally affected by abortion, far more black babies aborted than any other race.

The first black President – who accepts that unborn people are not constitutionally recognized as full persons under the law, when blacks themselves were once not constitutionally recognized as full persons, either.

The first black President - giving a moving speech about equality and equal opportunity for all, mentioning in the same breath the disabled, when the majority of the disabled are aborted if their disabilities are detected in the womb. Fully 90% of Down’s syndrome babies are aborted. This is not equality and equal opportunity for them. Yet Obama would have it stay that way.

Throughout history the powerful have taken advantage of the weak, and now abortion technology has created yet another class of powerful to press their advantage, and yet another class of weak to be taken advantage of. Only now it is the formerly weak – blacks and women – who have become the oppressors, by supporting abortion and voting for a pro-abortion black president.

Irony indeed, deadly irony. We are all capable of evil, and the oppressed are fully capable of becoming oppressors, if the advantage is perceived to be great enough. That is why it is so important to learn selflessness, self-sacrifice, and self-control, and place that ahead of all advantage, so that you don’t accidently run down another human being on your way to your own self-fulfillment.

Perhaps a note of levity would be in order. Deacon summons an astoundingly prescient and laughably dated blast from the past.

This may be the best advice of all. Really we just need to pause and remember the most Vulnerable.

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