Election Connection

My college roommate being a poli-sci major and I a perpetual dork have held a party to celebrate the national elections and gubernatorial elections each year they've taken place since we've known each other. Typically the menu for the night plays on the surname or home state of the candidates. For example, we had Bush's baked beans and Gore-gonzola cheese in 2000. This year, we had to scale back the budget for our cuisine, and we enjoyed Chicago hot dogs with Arizona Iced Tea.

It's becoming clear that Obama's strong lead will more than likely result in his victory. I will pray for a conversion of his heart. What worries me most is the passage of FOCA, especially considering how possible a filibuster-proof House is becoming as the returns come back. My poli-sci roommate assures me that once in office, Obama's extreme liberalism will be corrected by moderate Democrats, not every single one of whom is pro-choice. He could sense my despair, so he asked if I wanted a brownie. I am nursing my sorrow with chocolate as I write this.

What worries me more, though, is the possibility that Proposal 2 might pass! Do people in the state of Michigan not see that this is bad legislation-- to give a corporation unregulated control over the destruction of human lives???

Oh, dear Lord, spare us this travesty~

St. Charles Borromeo, pray for us!

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