This article about a woman in Canada reveals the future of things here in America under Democrat rule. A snippet:

Then the law changed. Not only did abortion on demand become legal, it also became illegal in many places to stand outside clinics where they were done, to say, "this is wrong." In Toronto, it became illegal to stand near the door, whether you said anything or not.

Responding to this obvious limitation of free-speech rights, pro-lifers refer to these bubble zones as speech-free zones.

But, Gibbons was just as sure abortion was wrong, as Morgentaler was that it was right.

So she kept showing up, being arrested, going to jail, and because she wouldn't promise not to go back to her spot on the sidewalk, stayed there for years.

It is important to understand Gibbons, a frail woman of 60 who reportedly weighs all of 100 lbs, is totally non-violent. On none of the dozen occasions she was arrested, did she resist. She would, however, speak to women entering the clinic.

The need to care for elderly parents took her off the front line for a few years, but eventually she was back, silently walking up and down outside a Toronto abortion clinic.

As on other occasions, she was charged with obstructing a peace officer.

This past Tuesday though, and unlike former occasions, she was acquitted. A Toronto provincial court judge decided her non-violence and non-resistance could not be construed as obstructing a peace officer in the performance of his duties.

Should Obama's backers have their way, Canada will be the exemplary nation with which to keep up.

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