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John Allen had this interview with the Imam from Cameroon's capital city, Yaounde.

I sense a disconnect in the Imam's explanation of what peace looks like. He seems to imply that peace is posible if people observe Islamic behavior in Islamic countries. Sort of a , "when in Rome" notion. What he doesn't describe is the "two-way street" in which Muslims might have to live up to Christian codes of behavior when in Christian countries.

Unfortunately, secular movements in Chrisitian countries fail to realize how much of their law was codified according to Christian precepts. If we lose the Christ in our government, we lose true justice. We replace it with a morality that is not freedom, but another form of oppression.

So, as our population is slowly replaced by childbearing Islam, our law will slowly become anti-religious, and then in time will become Islamic. Or at least, in Europe. The USA still has a chance to recover its senses.

Colleen Carroll Campbell describes a trend in this country towards two extremes: "Either they are becoming more committed to churches that make strong moral and religious demands or they are rejecting religion altogether." She goes on to say, "The implications of this trend extend beyond religion. Just as more Americans are moving toward stronger religious observance or none at all, a related divide is widening between Americans who fear the growth of government as a threat to religious liberty and those who welcome it as a means of secular salvation. It's no coincidence that we are witnessing an unprecedented expansion of government at the same time that more Americans are disengaging from the faith traditions and communities that provided social, spiritual and economic support for the generations before them. Nor is it surprising that the president driving this expansion inspires religious fervor bordering on idolatry among many of his followers, particularly those with no religious affiliation. The human yearning for adoration of some higher power -- be it God, government or Barack Obama -- dies hard."

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