Hail Dolan

The top news story in the Catholic press should be Verbum Domini, but everyone is buzzing about the new president, Archbishop Tim Dolan and his monumental upset.

Some snippets I enjoyed:

John Allen- In many ways, Dolan is a high-octane, populist American expression of what I’ve called the “affirmative orthodoxy” of Benedict XVI: no compromise on matters of Catholic identity, but a determination to express that identity in the most positive key possible, keeping lines of conversation open with people outside the fold.

Catholic Vote -The US Bishops are increasingly populated by “John Paul II” priests, appointed by the current and most recent pope, who are unswervingly dedicated to Catholic truth. The selection of Archbishop Dolan reflects that emphasis.

- Are there other bishops who you view as a role model?

Bishop Edwin O’Hara, who I wrote my dissertation on. He was an immensely effective bishop. I’m wearing the pectoral cross of Cardinal John O’Connor. He has been a hero of mine, and my appreciation of him has only grown. He had a pastoral heart and sidewalk savviness, but was as cogent and compelling in preaching faith and morals as anyone.

From that interview, Deacon's Bench found the money quote:

"You might interpret this as the bishops are tired of short and skinny presidents."

A banner day for Catholics everywhere! Hurrah!

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