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Two bloggers share my enthusiasm for the latest Apostolic Exhortation from His Holiness.

Campion says, "
I just finished the Exhortation and while it is long at 208 pages, it is well worth the effort. We are incredibly blessed to have a Holy Father who has so obviously been profoundly touched and transformed by Jesus Christ. The Holy Father...has the mind of twelve professors to be sure, but more importantly, he has the heart of a first communicant."

Eric Sammons lists four major themes of the document.

If you have not sat down with it yet, I highly recommend you do. Perhaps with a pot of tea and some biscuits?

What I most gratefully take away from Verbum Domini is our distinctively Catholic sense of the Bible. It is not a book to be learned and studied,
but a person to be encountered. Hence, my preference for lectio divina over a more pedagogical approach to bible study. The Pope shares that preference.

Monsignor Charles Pope offers an astute reflection which seconds that emotion.

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