Sad day for Catholics

This morning President Obama called New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan to break the news.

Secretary of Health and Human Services and pro-abortion Catholic Kathleen Sebelius just announced that the proposed mandate requiring all insurance plans to pay for contraception, sterilization and some abortion drugs is official -- and Catholics cannot escape.
...and the fig-leaf exemption for religious groups will not be modified, apart from allowing some groups an additional year to comply.

Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan responded minutes ago, saying: “In effect, the president is saying we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences.”
Beginning August 1, 2012 (less than eight months from today), the insurance premiums we pay, including the insurance premiums paid by Catholics for employees of churches and schools -- will be used to cover drugs and procedures that are in direct conflict with the teachings of our Church.

That's right. Our government will now force us to pay for insurance coverage for birth control, sterilization and even some abortion drugs.

President Obama ignored the organized efforts of Catholics across the country, including bold statements from the Bishops, university presidents (including Notre Dame's Rev. Jenkins), and even his Catholic allies like Sr. Carol Keehan.

Instead, President Obama stood with his real friends -- Planned Parenthood.

Make no mistake, this decision is a direct attack on you, our Church, and the religious liberty of all Americans.

Just yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI addressed the bishops from the United States who were completing their "Ad Limina" visit in Rome. The Holy Father specifically cited the "grave threats" to the freedom of the Church in America, and urged the Catholic community to respond, especially with "an engaged, articulate and well-formed Catholic laity."

He's talking to you and me. The Holy Father's brief address is a must read (link below).

Finally, today marks exactly one year from Inauguration Day. In exactly 12 months, America will welcome a new president, or usher in four more years of Barack Obama and his assault on our liberties. This irony is not lost on us.

We built CatholicVote into a movement to advance the cause of life, family, and freedom. Today's decision is an assault on all three. And it MUST be defeated.

You have our pledge that we will do everything possible to educate and mobilize the Catholic vote in 2012.

For on a day such as this, we realize that elections indeed have consequences.

The Catholic vote must rise up like never before. 


Brian Burch, President


PatO said...

No, Catholics have a year to learn how to read.

Catholics, you have religious freedom, which means you can practice the religion that you want. It doesn not mean you can tell everyone else what to do. It does not mean you can take taxpayer money and keep it from gays just because you can't cope with your own homosexuality. It does not mean you can take taxpayer money and tell people whether or not to use contraception.

The country even allowed you to run the world's largest child rape cult with almost no arrests.

Sorry, you used your mulligan on rampant child rape. We don't trust you with anything anymore.

Bad move for everyone.

Jennifer Driscoll said...

This is a sad day not only for Catholics, but for America. The freedom this country was founded on and our soldiers fight for has been grossly disrespected throughout this presidency. I'm relieved to see the Cathokic church stepping up to educatte and remind Catholics of their political duty as God's servants. Last election there was not a strong enough movement. It saddens me to see Obama bumper stickers on cars in the church parking lot. If Catholics vote for life the election could be called today as our population is great enough.

Why do we vote for our own religious persecution?

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