the Pill does kill

Well, the birth control pill has three mechanisms in preventing pregnancy.  The first two mechanisms are contraceptive (working against or contra the natural order) in their nature and the third mechanism is both contraceptive and abortive. The first mechanism works via the hormones within the contraceptive to prohibit ovulation and no egg (ovum) is released.  The second mechanism causes a thickening of the woman’s cervical mucus to prevent sperm from being able to properly function hindering its motility and preventing the sperm from possibly fertilizing the egg.  Finally, there is the third mechanism and this is the one mechanism that is the abortifacient aspect of this form of contraception.  The third mechanism works as such that birth control pill causes the lining of the endometrium to thin out to the point that it becomes unable to sustain the implantation of the newly-fertilized egg.

What this means is if the first two mechanisms fail to work in their contraceptive nature then the woman’s egg is released during ovulation and as a result the egg could become fertilized by her husband’s sperm and the result is a human embryo.  A human embryo contains the entire DNA of the newly formed human being; fully human in scientific terms.  However, the third mechanism of the oral contraceptive through its thinning of the uterine lining attempts to prevent the newly formed human embryo from implanting.  The final result in this case could be the aborting of the human embryo.  The makers of the birth control pill state it is indeed a mechanism of how pregnancy is prevented and they have no reason to lie.  In fact, it would probably benefit them to keep that point a secret when one thinks about it.

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