The truth hurts

We’ve been trained by the media to believe that same-sex attraction is biologically determined, that it is unchangeable and damaging to attempt to change it, that it has no correlation whatsoever with decreasing mental health, and that homosexual relationships are equivalent to heterosexual relationships in every significant way, including stability. Therefore, homosexuality must be treated like other non-prejudicial differences, such as skin color. Science says so, or so we are told.

But does it really? 

...find out the answer here

In her confessions as a recovering lesbian, one blogger concludes, "Does God love His children who struggle with same-sex attraction? Yes, of course. But He loves us too much to leave us that way."

It's a truth that also sets free. That's why the church must proclaim it.  

Here's a really articulate follow-up reply from her comments box:

1. Secular research has so far failed to plumb the depths of what causes homosexuality. After having been friends with dozens upon dozens of gays and lesbians, I’m convinced it is a complex pathology. For some, it is born of sexual abuse, which radically distort’s ones sexual orientation. For some, it can be rooted in a hormonal imbalance; I didn’t go into this in the article, but Nora was essentially born with traits of both sexes. In fact, she had to take hormonal supplements her entire life because she could not produce adequate estrogen on her own. The other factor I’ve seen repeatedly (almost exclusively) is a dysfunctional relationship between the person and their parents, usually the father. These are factors, not direct causes. And NO ONE has definitely discovered the “cause” of homosexuality. For me and my friends, it was a combination of factors.
2. I think you missed the part where I said that though I am attracted to individual men (for their personalities), I am now primarily attracted to WOMEN. Without the grace of God, I would not hesitate to align myself exclusively with women. It is a constant temptation for me. I am not in any way tempted to cheat on my husband with other men. If it would make you happier, I’d call myself a “recovering bisexual,” but given my overwhelming attraction to women, that’s not really accurate either. I put the title just because it was cheeky. But this is really about MY experience and I don’t appreciate being told who and what I am by someone who is not me. I also don’t understand why a lesbian who chooses to leave that lifestyle and live a chaste one must be called bisexual. If I have to identify myself, the label I’d use is CATHOLIC.
3. You mention Alfred Kinsey. You need to read The Kinsey Corruption by Susan Brinkmann. Much of what passes for “research” and “truth” about homosexuality today was fabricated by this fraud. He admitted to directly making up the “1 in 10″ figures for homosexuality. He also obtained part of his “evidence” that children are sexual beings from pedophiles who were sexually abusing children as young as a few months old. This man ought to have been jailed, but instead we now have even Catholics believing that the lies he promulgated are fact. Please read the book and others if you want the secular media’s “facts” about sexuality (including homosexuality) debunked.
4. And finally, I could NOT disagree with you more that we are called to live a celibate life if we are gays or lesbians who wish to be faithful to Jesus. Celibacy is a discipline, but CHASTITY is the right ordering of our sexuality and THAT is what we are called to. Perhaps you have not read books like Beyond Gay or any of the testimonies of those who have been helped by Courage, the ministry for Catholics who struggle with same-sex attraction. If you had, you’d know that God’s call is more than just being celibate or following the rules about sex. It is about changing your heart and soul and reordering those desires that have become so distorted. You sorely underestimate God if you imagine that the best we can do with His grace is celibacy.

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