I do not seek a Christ of my own invention

...for it is only in the real Church that I find the real Christ. --from my Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club t-shirt

"Therefore a slogan that was popular some years back: 'Jesus, yes. Church, no' is totally inconceivable with the intention of Christ. This individualistically chosen Jesus is an imaginary Jesus. We cannot have Jesus without the reality he created and in which he communicates himself. Between the Son of God-made-flesh and His Church, there is a profound, unbreakable, and mysterious continuity by which Christ is present today in His people. He is always contemporary with us, he is always contemporary with the Church, built on the foundation of the Apostles, and alive in the succession of the Apostles. And his very presence in the community, in which he himself is always with us, is the reason for our joy." -- His Holiness Pope BXVI

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