A reminder for Lent

from our Holy Father Pope Francis:

"Christian morality is not a titanic effort of the will, the effort of someone who decides to be consistent and succeeds, a solitary challenge in the face of the world. No. Christian morality is simply a response to the unforeseeable mercy of one who knows me, knows my betrayals and loves me just the same, appreciates me, embraces me, calls me again, hopes in me, and expects from me. Christian morality is not a never-falling-down, but an always-getting-up again."

from Cardinal Dolan:

Jesus calls us “to be perfect;” that’s sobering and can discourage us; but — – here’s the reassurance — – He also helps us with His grace, and never fails in His mercy when we fail.

Meanwhile, the Anchoress relates her eating disorder to same-sex attraction and arrives at a worthy reflection for our Lent:

In identifying my disorder as “intrinsic”—that it resides within me as naturally as the marrow in my bones—I understand that there is no point in attempting to further fool myself or run away from myself; I am released from self-hate, shame, or defensiveness. At the same time, I am now and forever obliged to acknowledge—with every temptation—that I am disordered, and within that acknowledgement to then choose whether I will serve the disorder, at the cost of Heaven, or serve God.

In choosing God, I will have to both rely on God and actively work toward obedience to what is natural in his law, rather than what is natural to me. This is no small thing. It is a daily tension between my love of God and my love of an idol intrinsic to me—original to me.

My intrinsic disorder is my own mysterious original sin; it works ceaselessly—like an ever-ready serpent—to pull me away from God. It demands that I throw myself daily into the outstretched arms of grace, or be lost.

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