Our humble pope

He reminds me rather of Bishop Myriel in Victor Hugo's novel Les Miserables: a man who swapped his residence for the hospital, who gave up all the money he had to better someone else's life, who walked everywhere around his large diocese, who could win the hearts of dangerous thieves and sworn atheists and revolutionaries. This beautiful character was painted as the ideal of what a Bishop and clerical figure should be. As Hugo put it, "this Catholic priest, this pure and lofty figure of true priesthood, offers the most savage satire on the priesthood today." Hugo was rather anti-clerical. He disliked the corruption of the priesthood so he wrote the perfect cleric. What does this say about our new Pope Francis?
Humility and generosity is not weakness.

from Catholic Vote:

"Lowly, and yet chosen."

That was the episcopal motto of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, elected by his fellow Cardinals and now known as Pope Francis.

Pope Francis is neither "conservative" or "liberal," neither from the left or from the right. He is Catholic. 

This is the holy man who the Holy Spirit inspired the Cardinals to elect, and who we are called to pray for and to go forth with to continue the work of the New Evangelization.  

"What struck me most about Pope Francis’ first public appearance was his apparent humility and his focus on prayer." -Pia de Solenni

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