Who is this Francis?

Amy Wellborn has a nice roundup of excerpts, with the sources properly cited. Here's a great segment from one of them:

I will close by saying that the holiness of the Church does not arise from personal or social privilege but rather from service. Let me explain. The world has the impression that the Church is always defending its power. It may be that in certain personal cases this is true, but generally it is not the case. By defending its identity and infallibility, the Church defends the conduit through which the gift of life to the world passes—the gift of the life of the world to God. What the Church is defending when it defends its integrity is its own identity. This gift, the most beautiful expression of which is the Eucharist, is not a gift among others but the most intimate and complete self-giving of the Trinity given for the life of the world, a gift made by the Son who offers himself to the Father.

According to the list of factoids on Catholic Sistas, the first pope from the New World also broke a Twitter all-time record with 130,000 tweets per minute! That's more than the inauguration and Olympics!

Msgr.Pope on Francis, Pope.

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