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Cardinal Dolan encouraged the young people to never be afraid when opportunities for the New Evangelization arise.

My favorite question came from an Australian pilgrim who walked to the microphone and said, "Your Eminence!" Cardinal Dolan quickly retorted, "I'm here!" After the laughter subsided, the pilgrim asked how young people can help their friends love the Church, because many love God but do not love the Church. Cardinal Dolan's response was brilliant! He said: 
"Oh yes! I know these people you speak of. They want a king without a kingdom. They want a general without an army. They want a shepherd with no sheepfold. They want God the Father but want to be the only child. The problem is Jesus cannot be separated from the Church; they are one. What would I know about him without her?" 
Overall, the entire experience with Cardinal Dolan was very uplifting and left all of us feeling a renewed sense of hope and vigor for the New Evangelization.
-Lenahan is blogging from Rio for WYD

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