New Feminism

New Feminists ascribe to the “feminine geniuses” of:
    interpersonal relations
    emotive capacity
These are characteristics that women were created to excel at naturally. When women embrace their own natural gifts, it provides a balance to the masculine traits of protection, ambition, sacrificial giving, leadership, physical strength, and objectivity. Without the balance of woman, man is left to fight his own temptations void of the ability to see their effects on others. As Pope Paul VI pleaded and implored women in the 1965 Second Vatican Council’s closing address, ”Reconcile men with life and above all, we beseech you, watch carefully over the future of our race. Hold back the hand of man who, in a moment of folly, might attempt to destroy human civilization.”

New Feminists are needed to restore the balance that has been lost in recent decades. When woman decided to grasp at masculine qualities and abandon her own “feminine genius,” our world lost sight of “otherness” and became exceptionally self-focused. We ended up with abortion, contraception, and divorces ripping families apart. Children have suffered terribly in this world where feminine responsibility has been eschewed.
- See more at: http://www.ignitumtoday.com/2013/07/22/what-is-a-new-feminist/#sthash.go7JlurC.dpuf

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