Marriage on the way

Bevil Bramwell has this to say about being a holy family over at The Catholic Thing:
However if I am in a marriage on the way, then my wife and I will spend every second learning selfless giving in love. (Here love is understood as working for the good of the other person.) We learn how from Christ who accompanies us. We will discover what this means at twenty-five-years old, and then more at fifty and still more at seventy. The marriage between Christ and his Church is the ground and source of life for the marriage between my wife and me.
Life on the way to God has no self-imposed imagined limits. We are on the way into the infinity of God and as a result we cannot even begin to imagine what being loving is like or how loving my wife or I may become. To do this is to limit God and to settle instead for whatever man-made ideology is running through the culture at the moment.
Being married on the way, I am open to becoming more than I can ever imagine. As husband and wife we discover the meaning of life as we go. When love reaches this point then it actually is selfless love. This is why marriage is for life. This is why marriage is salvific – we  help each other and our kids towards God.

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