St. Andrew Corsini

My patron saint for 2014, courtesy Jen Fulwiler, is a Carmelite. I keep getting Carmelites...that's only appropriate because I work for the Diocese of Gaylord, who takes OLMt.Carmel as their patroness.

Andrew Corsini is invoked against riots and civil disorder. Perhaps with so much happening this year to herald the end of civilization as we know it, I need this kind of man in my corner.

He was a peacemaker, brokering treaties between ruling houses in Italy. He lived an austere life and physically tried to flee when elected to the episcopacy. He is a true model for Bishops, keeping his brown habit and serving the poor in the midst of the black plague. As a church leader, I need to imitate this man. I pray that we get a Bishop in Gaylord who imitates this man!

He was a man of prayer, and it was revealed to him the date on which he would die: January 6th, the Epiphany. So I won't have to wait very long to honor him.

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