They aren't even Muslim!

They are Wahhabists!

"Reporters and commentators appear unwilling to name the ideology of ISIS for what it is: an unchecked outburst of extreme Wahhabism. ISIS is described, without nuance, as 'Sunni.' Yet Sunni theologians in the Ottoman Empire and India denounced Wahhabism as a form of apostasy for its accusations that Sunni Sufi Muslims are allegedly 'apostates.' Paradoxically, that is, the accusers of apostasy were declared to be apostates.

Wahhabis continually claim that Shias have abandoned Islam because they pray at shrines, celebrate the birthday of Muhammad, and visit sites in Mecca associated with the prophet – all long-established Muslim practices. Prayer at shrines and requests for blessings from the spirits of prophets and Muslim saints, male and female is not idolatry. It is simply prayer in a spiritual setting.

Wahhabis have long been known for a pattern of vandalism. They justify ravaging tombs, shrines, decorated mosques, and other structures by their absurd claim that prayer within them is prohibited in Islam."

Once more, Satan reveals himself as the great deceiver. Ergo...

ISIS is neither Islamic, nor a state-- talk amongst yourselves.

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