We are not jihadists

After forcing myself to look at photos of beheaded children, I read this letter from a nun who was raped and became pregnant. She has this to say about her child:

“Someone has to begin to break the chain of hatred that has always destroyed our
countries. And so, I will teach my child only one thing: love. This child, born of violence, will
be a witness along with me that the only greatness that gives honor to a human being is

This is what we, as Christians, offer a world that despises us; we forgive, that is to say, we imitate the Lamb, even when our children are conceived through rape-- even when our children are beheaded.

The response that screams, "kill them all" is a product of Evil, and therefore not the response of a Christian. Be an imitator of the Lamb who was slain rather than a participant in Evil.

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