The real history of the men who legalized abortion:

Blackmun and his clerk constructed Roe and Doe largely upon the false assumptions found in that unreliable book previously mentioned. Published in 1966, the book’s full title was Abortion: The first authoritative and documented report on the laws and practices governing abortion in the U.S. and around the world and how — for the sake of women everywhere — they can and must be reformed. Its author was a magazine writer named Lawrence Lader, whose most significant previous work had been a biography of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger (whom he proclaimed to be “the greatest influence” in his life).

Co-founder with Dr. Bernard Nathanson of the National Association to Repeal Abortion Laws (now NARAL Pro-Choice America), Lader was an heir of old money who believed the world was becoming so overpopulated with poor people that we would all soon starve to death, a premise he laid out in another of his books, Breeding Ourselves to Death. In his view, the way to stop all those poor women from overbreeding and ruining the planet was to get them on contraception, with abortion as a backup when contraception failed. 

A sexual revolutionary, Lader wrote in Abortion II: Making the Revolution that the idea of legalizing abortion “struck at the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church and fundamentalist faiths, but even more important, at the whole system of sexual morality to which the middle class gave lip service.” Calling pregnancy “the ultimate punishment of sex,” he said that to tamper with abortion meant the whole system of sexual morality in the U.S. could come tumbling down.

One of Lader’s most persuasive arguments was based on the assumption that abortion on demand was “the ultimate freedom” for women — a “right” women had always wanted and which, due to the miracles to modern medicine, was now safer than pregnancy. Ironically, Sanger would eventually split with Lader over his radical ideas about abortion; she frequently and repeatedly condemned abortion as murder. And yet as late as August 1992, According to his papers, Blackmun was still echoing Lader’s claim that women “need” abortion to be “free” when he said Roe and Doe “are, I believe, a watershed on the road we must travel toward the emancipation of women.” 

What Blackmun apparently didn’t know was that most of the early feminists who won for women the right to vote opposed abortion, and up until 1967 the call to reform America’s abortion laws was led primarily by men. In his 1,283-page volume Dispelling the Myths of Abortion History, retired Villanova University law professor Joseph Dellapenna writes, “Despite the growing mythology that describes the entire birth-control movement, as well as the abortion reform movement, throughout the twentieth century as a ‘woman’s movement,’ both movements were largely led by men (especially doctors) until the late 1960s.” Further, Dellapenna observes that “until quite recently most feminists were strong opponents of abortion, and the farther back one goes in time the more nearly unanimous feminists become in their hostility to abortion.”

So it was never a woman's movement after all. It will end because enough women finally will have said, "Enough. There are better ways to help women facing an unexpected pregnancy." Then they will demand parental leave, childcare, and free healthcare during pregnancy and after delivery. 

Let us all become the New Suffragettes!



Monsignor Pope


Perichoresis and the Feminine Genius





Boomers vs. Babies

Sometimes the NYTimes provides relevant data while still missing the point. The point, in this case, is that the Boomer generation are a bunch of self-absorbed adolescent architects of a Culture of Death, but that's not the angle being taken in this report, even if the report confirms its veracity:

The U.S. has long put a higher priority on taking care of the elderly than taking care of young families. 

Americans over 65 receive universal health insurance (Medicare), and most receive a regular government check (Social Security). Many children, by contrast, live in poverty. Relative to other affluent countries, the U.S. spends a notably small share of its budget on children…

Alyssa Rosenberg, a Washington Post columnist, argues that the formula shortage is part of this story. “Babies and their well-being have never been much of a priority in the United States,” Rosenberg wrote this week. “But an alarming shortage of infant formula — and the lack of a national mobilization to keep babies fed — provides a new measure of how deeply that indifference runs.”


Liberal Fascism

Liberals are the architects of a Culture of Death, with Contraception (voluntary eugenics) as the bedrock and Abortion as its shining pediment. Nathanael Blake focuses on the latter sin:

The problem is simple: liberalism, or at least its current dominant strain, sees its aim as liberating us from involuntary constraints and obligations, but by definition we cannot consent to existence until we are already well into it, with all the contingencies of life.

As the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard sarcastically put it, “How did I come into the world; why was I not asked, why was I not informed of the rules and regulations … Am I not free to decide? Am I to be forced to be part of it? Where is the manager, I would like to make a complaint!”

In this sense, every birth is a forced birth, insofar as it brings a person into the broader world without his or her consent. Existence is given to us: we do not choose to exist, nor do we chose the conditions under which we will be born and raised. And in the unchosen givenness of life, some are blessed and some are cursed. It seems somehow unfair. 

The liberal project seeks to provide, to the extent possible, freedom from unchosen constraints, duties, and loyalties in life.

This is why liberals are complaining about “forced birth” — they really are horrified at the idea of an unchosen obligation to care for another person, even when it is the predictable result of consensual sex. Liberalism cannot tolerate that sort of involuntary duty, and so it requires the opt-out of abortion on demand.

Human life developing in the womb can offer nothing but need; to respond to that need with violence is to assail human dependence in its purest form. This bloodshed lays bare how liberalism has become a revolt against our humanity.




The Pillar is great at crunching numbers, but this one hurts:

While the number of births per 1,000 women of reproductive age increased by 0.2 from 1973 to 1980, the number of pregnancies increased by 13.2. Given the 53 million U.S. women aged 15-44 in 1980, the increase in the number of pregnancies represents 700,618 more pregnancies. And yet, the slight increase in the birth rate resulted in an increase of only 11,173 actual births. 

Of the 700,000 additional children who were conceived in 1980, 98% of them were aborted.

I was born in 1980. It shocks me to read this stat. So many of my peers are missing because their parents had them killed. People my parents are friends with did this to people with whom I should be friends. 

Lord have mercy on the Baby Boomers. What an evil generation.



 You can't make this up:

“By eviscerating women’s fundamental freedom to full reproductive care, radical Republican-appointed Justices are poised to inflict unthinkable suffering on tens of millions of families.”

-Nancy Pelosi being Orwellian to an extreme


Sexist Feminism

 In one of the best assessments of our current culture wars I have ever read, author Cynthia Millen locates the anti-woman feminism (or Marxist feminism) that undergirds the net effect of contraceptives, abortion, gay surrogacy, and transgendered displacement of female athletes:

"Men altered nothing, were denied nothing, bore no risks, and acquired all of the benefits."

Women are always harmed by secular, anti-woman feminism, whereas the Church recognizes and teaches the Feminine Genius, whereby men learn to be receptive, sensitive, generous, and maternal (in the Marian sense of the term, which is to say, the men-are-also-Bride-of-Christ sense of the term).


Marxist Feminism

Recently I imagined describing myself as a True Feminist rather than a Misogynist Feminist, because true feminists would reverence the 'gyn' as sacrosanct rather than seek to sterilize it. Of course, this would be not well received by most women I know, even if it is part of the papal magisterium, to which they owe fealty through the sacraments they have received. The Federalist does that one better:

"The trans movement is the biggest fulfillment yet of the second-wave ideal of erasing gender, and is perhaps the final battle before Kate Millett’s vision is complete. That pseudo-litany chanted by the 12 women in the upper room has been heard, felt, and suffered by all the world as the family has been destroyed, replaced by a population of noble narcissists.

Most of us feel weak and powerless to stop the ideological juggernaut, especially as we watch institution after institution cave to the narrative. The true antidote to the problem of trans and all Marxist ideologies is also in the litany: to restore the family."


Praise for the bees

On this, your night of grace, O holy Father,

accept this candle, a solemn offering,

the work of bees and of your servants’ hands,

an evening sacrifice of praise,

this gift from your most holy Church.

But now we know the praises of this pillar,

which glowing fire ignites for God's honor,

a fire into many flames divided,

yet never dimmed by sharing of its light,

for it is fed by melting wax,

drawn out by mother bees

to build a torch so precious.

Every year we have a honeybee egg for Ambrose, but this portion of the Exultet also springs to mind.



 "The bottom line is that the Bible does not formally assert the precise time of the Second Coming. Although we find indications of what individual apostles expected concerning the matter, Benedict understands that for them this was 'ultimately a secondary consideration.' Whether they thought the world was going to end within a day or a decade or a millennium, he tells us that the 'essential point' they were asserting concerned the need for spiritual preparation, for mission, and for endurance in the face of persecution. It turns out that these are realities that must govern Christians’ lives regardless of the epoch in which they live and how much time remains in their earthly pilgrimage." -Matthew Ramage, from his treatise on the biblical exegesis of Ratzinger on eschatology and the problem of imminent parousia

The Church must always spiritually prepare for the End, focus on the Mission, and endure persecution virtuously and will always be doing so, no matter how many continents it reaches in the meanwhile. 

The Pope (Ratzinger) then goes on to say that, in the meanwhile, we have the adventus medius of the Eucharist; the way in which Christ comes to us currently is through Sacrament, namely through Liturgy.







The New York Times analyzes the current crime wave taking place in our country and its uniquely American features: 

Criminologists and historians who have studied past crime waves — like Gary LaFree, Richard Rosenfeld and Randolph Roth — point out that they often occur when people are feeling frustrated with society, government and their fellow citizens. This frustration can feed a breakdown in societal norms and a rise in what the sociologist Émile Durkheim called “anomie.”

By many measures, Americans are feeling frustrated with their government, their economy and their fellow citizens. Nearly 80 percent are dissatisfied with the country’s direction, according to Gallup. People spend hours screaming at one another on social media. Many Americans consider people with opposing political ideas to be so wrong that they don’t deserve the right to express their views. Polls also show an alarming degree of skepticism about democracy and openness to political violence.

Along with these signs of alienation, a wide range of behavior has deteriorated. Alcohol abuse and drug overdoses have increased. Americans’ blood pressure is up, and measures of mental health are down. Vehicle crashes have surged.

In each of these cases, the pandemic seems to be playing a role: The trends either began or accelerated shortly after Covid overwhelmed daily life in the spring of 2020. But the pandemic appears to be only part of the story.

It seems that the Times, being liberal, is unwilling to court the idea that frustration with government and breakdown of societal norms has anything to do with liberal political agendas of late. Instead the author blames it on Trump. Yet, the data he compiles is inarguable. 

(We should not turn to sociologists like Durkheim for solutions, however; they do not employ a correct worldview with which to assess society)

Anomie results from a lack of civility when civil servants fail to seek the Common Good. When what your political ideology demands does not align with what is just for human souls, then you need to correct your political ideology. That is what it means to have active lay participation in the Church. Catholics in both parties are not influencing their parties to align with what is just and right. 



 Having had to deal recently with the practical atheism of liberals in the Church, still clinging to their rigidity and the desuetude of dated theories, I found this article from H&PR very descriptive of the times in which we live. Those not busy being born are busy dying, and only those who thrive within the lived and actualized truth of the Magisterium are busy being born. 

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