Feting a 'festo

I normally find Steve Skojec's blogging too polemical, but his Manifesto of a Young Catholic touches upon a current of thought to which I can relate, one that seems to be the impetus behind many of the newest blogs in the Catholic blogosphere, including my own.

Amy seems confounded by a perceived contradiction, but I think a generation born into religious malnutrition is seeking more, seeking depth-- from whatever point in the desert they have found themselves, they are drawn to the water.

They may have found a tributary or an oasis, but they are seeking the torrential River of Life that will take them to the Waters of Truth. I look at youth like Steve Skojec and the youth at Mars Hill as thirsty people. Mars Hill ultimately won't quench the real need, but for those youth, who have found themselves adrift in postmodern ennui, the Emergent Church offers a few drops of moisture-- and a few drops can taste like an Alpine Spring to one who doesn't know any better.

***side note: check out CCC's latest article to see why Skojec is in good company!

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