Don Jim memorializes Aug. 6 in a curious way over at Dappled Things.

I too find this feast day personally meaningful, though I've only barely touched on it before in this blog. Being transfigured with Christ means exuding that same Divine radiance Christ manifest on the Tabor mountaintop.

Christ, the immanent Lord, rendered Transcendent: it was the greatest act of revelation since the Nativity or Baptism-- those Epiphany moments when the Incarnation was wholly observable to impoverished humanity in His Fullness.

We are called then to do likewise. We are commissioned to manifest the radiance of God to a world that has lost its capacity to marvel in awe and lie prostrate, trembling. Do we fear the Lord? Does the Lord's favor rest with us? Is the Lord well pleased with each of us? Will the angels applaud the choices we have made? Have we made every effort to live ad majorem Dei gloriam?

Pause to consider your Beloved, in whose Heart we are invited to rest secure. Remember the quote from His Loveliness, Pope Benedict XVI: "The heart of God, the omnipotent, waits for the Yes from his creatures as a young husband awaits his wife's yes."

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