I get to vote!!!

Alan Keyes is running for president. I had no idea.

That means I won't have to deliberate between a pro-life Republican who will lose the election or a Democrat who makes me sick.

I can actually write-in a person I actually hold in high esteem.

Alan Keyes is brilliant. Did you see him at the African-American debate on PBS tonight? I think he managed to turn every answer into a declaration about the sovereignty of God, the integrity of the family, and the importance of being a good neighbor. He comprehends the role of government as so few Americans do.

God Bless you, Alan Keyes. You have spared me from having to designate the person who most approximates what I want in a president. You ARE what I want in a president.

I agree with Joshua Herring:

Alan Keyes doesn't allow a desire for popularity or any other human factor to alter those things or the way he presents them. Although Dr. Keyes has one of the finest political minds of our day, he speaks directly out of his heart with great sincerity. It isn't just what he believes, it is a result of his love of country and desire to serve; it is a result of who he is, and his desire to please the One who has called him to this service. Alan Keyes has lived — for that very reason — consistently, both in and out of public office. The reason I recognize this so clearly in him is that I've seen it before. He too is a man of conviction, and of vision — a cut above the rest.

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RomanCatholic Deacon said...

I agree and Alan gets my vote too! I placed his logo on my Blog to announce that he's the person we need for President! He's a real Pro-Lifer and a great American!

Deacon John in Florida

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